Saturday, November 7, 2015

This week I am thankful because...

we have a functional washer/dryer and I've gotten so much laundry done in the past 3 hours, and now the whole apartment smells like fresh, clean clothes

our new dishwasher isn't as terrible as the one in J's last apartment, and our dishes got done the first time

our apartment is so big and I no longer feel cramped in my own space

we were able to get J's little brother out of his parents' house for the night for a movie, too much Minecraft, and a sleepover

my mom, who I haven't seen since last Christmas, is visiting for the WHOLE month

cat has adjusted to yet another new home, and J has adjusted to having a cat (he secretly loves him, I can tell, even if he won't admit it)

even though our apartment is a mess of half unpacked boxes, I am far less stressed out now than I have been for the past month

there is no longer a need for commuting or packing an overnight bag to sleep next to J

my life is so full of love and joy and hope for the future